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Cat Training: Teaching a cat to sit

Did you know cats can be trained?

Training can be a great way to provide cats with mental stimulation and exercise! (And it’s a lot of fun.) Here’s a video I made of how to train a cat to sit. “Sit” is a great, simple way to introduce training to your cat.


Whether you work with your own cat, the cats of clients, or shelter cats, training may help you reach your goals.

I’ve recently started working with cats on training and behavior modification at the local animal shelter. With each cat, I focus on training goals that will help make them more adoptable and improve their welfare. For example, outgoing cats learn tricks and agility(and impulse control, so they aren’t clawing or biting at hands) while shy cats are positively exposed to the “meet and greet” room so that they are more likely to be relaxed and less likely to be scared by the new environment when potential adopters visit with them.

Have you ever trained a cat?  Got a favorite cat training video?


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