Welcome to my blog!

Through BowMeowlogy, I’ll be sharing ideas about  animal behavior, training, and welfare issues.

I’ll pay special attention to the available scientific literature and what we might draw from it.  I hope it’s eye-opening, thought-provoking, and at least mildly entertaining!  I also hope you’ll find yourself inclined to share your own ideas.

Who am I?

My name is Liz and I’ve just earned my Master’s in Clinical Animal Behaviour.  My career goal is to improve the lives of pets and people through clinical consultations, training, research, and public education.  I’ve wanted to be in the behavior field since I can remember, and was always fascinated by science.  (Well, save for ages 3-6, when I was determined to become a German Shepherd when I grew up.)  I’m always excited by new knowledge and am having an amazing time learning from others and expanding my ideas. I love writing and have recently become a contributor to VetVisuals.

My hobbies include learning Japanese and Spanish (hopefully I’ll be able to translate animal behavior-related articles someday!), hiking, Renaissance martial arts/swordsmanship, and gluten-free, vegetarian cooking and baking!


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